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Upsilon Omega Chapter


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated



Upsilon Omega Founder's Day Banquet

Saturday, November 19

The Omega Center



Frank Coleman


Oscar J. Cooper


St. Louis, MO

Ernest E. Just

Edgar A. Love

Brotherhood Hall Rental

100 Years

November 17, 2011


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Omega Is

Omega is a beacon of hope
Omega is broadening ones scope
Omega is giving when there is a need
Omega is being exemplary in your word and your deed
Omega is every brother caring
Omega is every brother sharing
Omega is Cooper, Coleman, Love and Just
Omega is taking a stand whenever you must
Omega is earnestly facing life day by day
Omega is being prudent in what you think and say
Omega is this feeling we have of kin
Omega is knowing when to compromise and when to bend
Omega is that mighty purple and gold
Omega is that something that strengthens your soul
Omega is knowing your own true identity
Omega is an ideal that hopefully will extend throughout infinity

By Bro. Dr. Lynn Beckwith, Jr.



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