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Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated


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Oscar J. Cooper


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Upsilon Omega Chapter

St. Louis, MO

est. 1921


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(Circa 1985)

"Friendship Is Essential To The Soul"

Ωφελημα Ψυχι Φιλια


All Great Men May Not Be Omegas, But All Omegas Are Great Men


Upsilon Chapter was founded on January 23, 1921 as the first chapter established in the Fraternity's history composed entirely of graduate men. The name was later changed to Upsilon Omega to reflect the fact that it was a graduate chapter. It was founded by John H. Purnell, James E. White and Robert N. Owens, all Howard University alums.

The Chapter's charter members were James E. White, Francis E. Anthony, Robert N. Owens, John H. Purnell, J. E. Gipson, W. A. Wallis, W. Evans, L. H. Curren and M. M. Queen. The first initiated members of the Chapter were George L. Vaughn, Ulysses S. Donaldson, W. J. Stewart, J. F. Winston and J. A. Flowers. Reverend Selten W. Parr, the pastor of Berea Presbyterian Church, was honorary member.


"A Heritage Celebrated....

A Legacy Enhanced"

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Name Office/Position Year
George L. Vaughn 11th Grand Basileus 1925-1926
Lloyd Jordan 36th Grand Basileus 1998-2002
Elbert Walton Grand Counselor 1980-1982
Herman Dreer Grand Historian  



Name Year
Robert Scott 2010
Kenneth Patterson  
Lynn Beckwith  
Charles Shelton, Jr  
Michael Thomas  
Douglas Williams  
Lloyd Jordan  
Edgar Burnett  
Curtis C. Crawford  


The Upsilon Omega Chapter has hosted 5 GRAND CONCLAVES (National Conventions):

1923 1934 1957 1973 2004



Name Year
Edward Salter  
Michael Thomas  
Charles Shelton, Jr  
Barry Palmer  
Lynn Beckwith  
Terry M. Hart  
George L. Mann  
Herman Dreer  
Aaron Robinson  
Ronnie Johnson  
Charles Shelton III 2008-2009
James Trimble 2010
Edgar Burnett  
John E. LaGrone  
Douglas Williams  
Alvin Winton  
Edwin Bailey 2011
Matthew Davis  


Notable ACCOMPLISHMENTS of St. Louis Omega Men

Name Accomplishment
Herman Dreer Author, 1st History of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, First Omega Man 1940
John H. Purnell Founder Upsilon Omega, Twice Grand Marshal
L. H. Curren Founder, Upsilon Omega
Robert N. Owens Founder, Upsilon Omega
George L. Vaughn 11th Grand Basileus, 1st President, Mound City Bar Association of St. Louis
Howard B. Woods Founder, St. Louis Sentinel
Homer G. Phillips Distinguished Civil Rights Leader, City Hospital Named in His Honor
Earl Wilson, Jr Founder, Gateway Classic
Freeman Bosley, Jr Mayor, City of St. Louis
Lloyd Jordan Chief of Staff, City of St. Louis; 36th Grand Basileus
Daniel Isom, II Police Chief, City of St. Louis
Julius Hunter Anchorman, KMOV-TV
Lionel J. Phillips President, Notre Dame Alumni Club of St. Louis
Lynn Beckwith Superintendent, University City School District
Elbert Walton State Representative, Missouri; Grand Counselor
Michael W. Jones, Sr Senior Policy Advisor, St. Louis County Executive Office
Jimmie Edwards Judge, City of St. Louis
James Bell Judge, City of St. Louis
Leroy Adkins Chief of Detectives, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
Joe Torry Comedian/Actor



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